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Their first LP DEVA, released in 1987 was a great success with the critics and commercially, and was considered Record of the Year by the President of the Government of the Principality of Asturies at that time, Pedro de Silva.

This favourable reception was only bettered with their second release NA LLENDE in 1990, for which they received the prestigious "Superventolín" prize for Best Folk Group awarded by the newspaper La Nueva España and Radio Nacional de España by popular vote. In mid 1992 the famous Scottish folk group THE TANNAHILL WEAVERS covered one of the tunes from NA LLENDE on their album THE MERMAID'S SONG.

The release of their third album L'OTRU LLAU DE LA MAR in December 1992, led to even greater success, obtaining, this time, three "Superventolín" awards: for Best Folk Group, Best Production and Best Other Instrumentalist. With this LLAN DE CUBEL can claim to be the Asturian group who have been awarded the most "Superventolín" prizes, even beating musical groups who are usually considered to be more commercial (pop, rock, jazz, etc).

In 1993 LLAN DE CUBEL won the prize for Best Folk Group of the Year awarded by Radio Nacional de España in Murcia, as a result of listeners' votes.

In December 1994, coinciding with the group's 10th Anniversary, the "Sociedad General de Autores de España" (Spanish Authors Society) awarded them an honorary Golden Disc for the work carried out in the field of folk music during the previous 10 years. This award also being acknowledged and supported by the Association of Asturian Writers.

In June 1995 they released IV, which has been considered their best record to date, both in terms of quality and maturity of style. In the summer of 1995, during a tour to promote the record, LLAN DE CUBEL were described as "the best folk group on the European scene", by the organisers of the 40º Festival de la Zampogna in Scapoli, Italy. In October 1996 IV was among the Top 10 Folk Records of the Year on Lee Blackstone's programme, Radio WMUA, Amherst, Massachusetts.As a result of LLAN DE CUBEL's favourable reception and the success of their record IV in Great Britain, the Scottish label IONA RECORDS released IV on a world-wide scale in 1997 and in the same year it was included among the best records of the year on several folk music programmes on American and Canadian radio.

In September 1998 they toured the US for the first time achieving great success. The band had two more US tours in 99 and another one in 2000 with remarkable success.

After the release and success of "UN TIEMPU MEYOR" the Spanish National Radio chose the band to represent Spain in the Folk Festival of the European Broadcasting Union in Czech Republic in July 2000.

Today, several of LLAN DE CUBEL's records are to be found among the most widely sold folk music records in Asturies and the commitment of popularizing Asturian music which was undertaken by the band has given as a result that many leading bands and musicians of the folk music scene like The Tannahill Weavers, Capercaillie, Shooglenifty, Lunasa, Flook, Siné, Tony McManus, Soïg Siberil, Michael McGoldrick & Sharon Shannon, etc..., play or have recorded tunes from LLAN DE CUBEL's records.

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