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Among the many concerts performed by LLAN DE CUBEL in more than 21 countries, the following are of note:

- XVII, XVIII, XX, XXIV,XXVIII and XXXVI Interceltic Festivals in Lorient, Brittany, France; 1987, 1988, 1990, 1994, 1998, 2005 and 2013. In August 1998 their concert, within the setting of Year of Asturies, is recorded by the television channel TF1 and broadcast throughout France.
- Fêtes de la Mer, Saint Nazaire, Brittany, France; August - 1988
- III Interceltic Festival of Oporto, Portugal; April - 1992
- Recording for the Japanese TV channel NHK included in a programme on Asturies; summer - 1992
- EXPO '92, Seville, Spain; July, August and September - 1992
- Tour of Italy 1993: Trento, Romano d'Ezzelino, Padova, Cassale Monferrato (Folkermesse), Verzelli, Savona (Musica nei Castelli di Liguria); July - 1993
- Tour of Scotland 1994: Fort William (Ceolmhor Lochabair Celtic Music Festival), Glasgow (Mayfest), Aberdeen, Thurso, Dingwall, Ullapool, Edinburgh; May - 1994
- Live performances and "specials" for BBC Radio Scotland, Glasgow; May - 1994, January - 1995, January - 1996 and January - 2001
- Festival International de Romans, Valence, France; July - 1994
- 19èmes Rencontres Internationales de Saint Chartier, France; July - 1994
- Interceltic Festival, Gwengamp, Brittany, France; August - 1994
- Celebration of the "Day of Asturies" in Basle, Switzerland; September - 1994
- Celtic Connections 
'95, '96, '01, '09, '15 Glasgow, Scotland
- Festival Folk, Garrevaques, Toulouse, France; July - 1995
- 40º &42º Mercato e Festival de la Zampogna, Scapoli, Italy; August - 1995, July - 1997
- Live performance for BBC Radio 2, Glasgow, Scotland; January 1996
- Haapavesi Folk 96, Haapavesi, Finland; June 1996
- Tour of Italy 1996: Mondoví, Albenga, Turin, Vigonza, Fagagna, Venice, Monterosso, Imperia, Montalbana (Italian part of Switzerland), Sinio, Montegrotto Terme; July 1996
- International Festival of Ramo Grande, Cidade Praia da Vitoria, Terceira, The Azores; November 1996.
- Tour of Italy 1997: Verona, Acqui Terme, Asti, Savigliano; July 1997
- Tonder Festival (Denmark); August 1997
- Estate Musicale (Republic of San Marino); September 1997
- British Tour 1998 : Hampton Court, Moreton-on-Marsh, London, Cockermouth, Milton Keynes (England), Cnapan (Wales), Celtic Hebridean Festival, Wick, Aberdeen, Lanark (Scotland); July 1998
- Telemark Festivalen; Bo, Telemark (Norway); August 1998
- 1stUS Tour : Mount Shasta, Chico, Sebastopol, Nevada City, Henflings, Sta Cruz, San José, Berkeley (California); Memphis(Tennessee); St Louis (Missouri); September - October 1998

- 2ndUS Tour : Pasadena, Monterey, Winters, Chico, Ben Lomond, Arcata, Sebastopol, San Francisco Celtic Festival (California); Corvallis & Portland (Oregon); Seattle (Washington); February - March 1999

- Tour of Sweden 1999 : Tidaholm, Skövde, Karlsborg, Grebbestad, Ulricehamn, Uddevalla; April 1999

- Festival de la Música y la Cultura in Sta Fe de Bogotá (Colombia); August 1999

- 3rd US & Canadá Tour: Chicago World Music Festival (Illinois), Bloomington (Indiana), Boston (Massachussets), Augusta (Maine), Bethlehem & Chesapeake (Pennsylvania), Charlottesville, Virginia Beach & Richmond (Virginia), Lake Eden (North Carolina), Celtic Colours Festival in Cape Breton Island (Nova Scotia- Canada), Wilmington (Delaware) y Nueva Orleans (Louisiana); September-October 1999

- Tour of Belgium & Netherlands 2000: Brussels, Ingelmunster, Zwolle, Wijk an Zee, Zevenaar, Deventer, Zaandam, Vlissingen, Leeuwarden, Nieuwegein; January-February 2000

-EBU (European Broadcasting Union) Annual Folk Festival in Roznov, Czech Repúblic; July 2000

-Tour of Italy 2000: Savona, Zola Predosa (Bologna), Cusano Milanino (Milano, Courmayeur (Val d'Aosta), Novara; July 2000

-USA & Canada Tour 2000: Seattle (Washington); Vancouver (British Columbia-Canada); Los Ángeles-Pasadena, San Diego, Ojai, Oceanside, Chico, Sebastopol, Santa Cruz, Berkeley (California); Cincinnati (Ohio); September 2000

-Argentina Tour 2000: Teatro Gran Rex (Buenos Aires); Teatro El Círculo (Rosario); October 2000

-Potomac Festival (Virginia) USA; June 2001

-Guinness Celtic Festival. Veysonnaz (Valais) Switzerland ; August 2001

- Dranouter Festival. Belgium; August 2001

-Tour of Italy 2003: Romano di Lombardía (Bérgamo), Camisano (Vicenza), Ostiano Celtic Festival (Cremona), Arconate (Milan); July 2003

-Tour of Belgium & Netherlands 2003: Brussels, Ingelmunster, Groningen, Hoogeveen Celtic Night, Enschede Celtic Night, Leeuwarden Celtic Night, Tiel Celtic Night, Amen; November 2003

-USA Tour 2004: Madison World Music Festival, Madison (Wisconsin); Chicago Celtic Festival, Chicago (Illinois); Cookville, Nashville (Tennessee); Brecksville, Cincinnati Celtic Music and Culture Festival, Cincinnati (Ohio); September 2004

-Festival of Coimbra, Portugal; June 2005

-USA Tour 2006: Old Songs Festival, Altamont (New York); The Haunt, Ithaca (New York); Lake Placid Center for the Arts, Lake Placid (New York); Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts, Westport (Connecticut); Cityfolk Festival, Dayton, (Ohio); June, July 2006

-Piping Live Festival 2008, Glasgow, Scotland; August 2008

-Sendim Festival, Miranda del Douro; Portugal; August 2009

-Festival Estivada, Rodez, Occitany, France; July 2011

-Festival Chants du Marin, Pempoull-Paimpol, Brittany, France; August 2011

Alongside these performances, LLAN DE CUBEL, whose main objective is the popularisation of traditional Asturian music, have performed hundreds of concerts all over Asturies, participating both in cultural acts supported by the Government of the Principality and town councils, and in those organised by private bodies. They have also carried out this objective by means of their presence at the most important folk festivals in Spain (Madrid, Murcia, Segovia, Santander, Basque Country, Catalonia, Jerez, Mallorca, Tenerife, Burgos, Salamanca, etc...), and especially in Galicia (Santiago, Ortigueira, A Coruña, Lugo, Ourense, etc).

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